The software is easily installed using Setup. The procedure is the same for all versions of this software.

If you install PowerTradeCopier in Windows Vista or Windows 7 please make sure that program PreloadCopyMT.exe has write access for it's folder c:\Program Files\CopyToolNetMT\ (or else please run it in "as Administrator").

1. Run InstalCopy_licence name}.exe file. The following screen will appear.

2. Click Next to continue the install or Cancel to exit. The following screen will appear.

3. Click “Yes…”, then Next to proceed or Cancel to exit.

4. A "Destination Folder" screen will be displayed (shown below).
By default the destination folder is set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerTradeCopier". Click the [Browse] button to select a different installation Destination Folder. Also, you can set whether you want to have a shortcut to PTC on the desktop and in the main menu. If you check, “AutoLoad” a shortcut will be added to the Autoload folder and PTC will start automatically on system boot-up. After confirming the Destination Folder, click the Next button to start the installation process. You can click the Cancel button to exit.

5. The installation process is quick. Upon successful completion of the installation, an installation successful screen will be displayed (shown below). Click the Exit button.

6. The shortcut will be created on your desktop and Main Menu. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, please make sure PTC runs in administrator mode (Right click on shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Check “Run as administrator”)


Important information for "Provider" mode.

After installation on master side, your software will be automatically registered as a master. You can send installer for your clients and they can install software on their sides. The second and subsequent installations will be recorded as slaves. Master settings are inactive on slave side.
You can add / remove/block/unblock slave accounts on master side.
Your clients can input the trader password and adjust copying parameters according to their needs on slave side. (master can leave the "password" field for slave account empty).For "Copier" mode master should know trader passwords for slave accounts.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade PowerTradeCopier

It is recommended to inform Customer Support if you want to update or downgrade PTC, and wait for a reply containing a link to an installer download. However PTC does include a built-in updating feature, described below

Updates do not download automatically. To get the update you should go to the "Settings" window and click "Update" button:

You will see the list of currently available versions there:

Please select the version that you wish to get and press the "Update" button. You should see following notification:

Next, close the PowerTradeCopier and start it up again. It will download the update and start up automatically.

Note: There is a possibility that the process will scramble the logins and/or passwords on slave accounts. Make sure you have these backed up, in case a re-entry will be necessary.




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