General questions

Q. Do I need to run MT slave terminals (sub-terminals)

A. No you do not need to run. You need to run just Master terminal and our software "PowerTradeCopier"

Q. Can I copy trades from master terminal with "read only" password

A. Yes, you can copy trades from master terminal with read only "investor" password

Q. Do I need to know my client's account numbers and passwords

A. . If you use provider mode, you need to know account numbers only. Your clients can put passwords themselves on slave side. But if you use copier mode you should put traderst passwords on your side.

Master settings F.A.Q.

Q. I have added master account, but message "Password error" is appear.

A. Please, check your password and your server.

Q. I've not found my server in the servers list.

A. Please, contact us and send us the server’s .SRV file, found in the MT4 ‘config’ folder.

Slave settings F.A.Q.

Q. I have added slave account, but message "Password error" is appear.

A. Please, check your password and your server.

Q. I've not found my server in the servers list.

A. Please, contact us and send us the server’s .SRV file, found in the MT4 ‘config’ folder.

Q. Will be copied orders that were open before the Multiterminal was running?

A. By default, PTC will display a synchronization request on startup. Enter, how many hours back the orders were opened, and click ‘Start’.

Q. Orders on master account have comments. Can I delete them?

A. Yes, you can. You can delete or rewrite: comments, take profit, stop loss.

Q.EURUSD Sell order was opened on master account . Price 1.3426 Can I copy this order when price will be 1.3430 and gain additional 4 pips?

A. Yes, sure. You can use "Filters" You should set CheckMinMaxPriceDiff StopLoss side = 4 pips. If price grow to 1.3430, order will be copied to slave (price: 1.3430) If no, order will be not copied. Read more about Filtershere  http://powertradecopier.com/2013/01/25/filters---explanation.aspx


Q. Master trade with lot size = 1 standard lot. Can I copy orders on slave with Lot = percent by account balance if my leverage 1:500

A. Yes, you can. Please, read more about Transformation here: http://multiterminal.net/PowerTradeCopier-settings.pdf

Q. Master took trade but my slave account did not take a trade.

A. Please, check log file for possible errors. Most likely causes:

  • Requote
  • Invalid lot size
  • Answer time delay
  • Invalid S\L or T\P
  • unacceptable price (SL or(and) TP close to the price)
  • off quotes
  • prohibited(Hedge)
  • no money
  • not enough money
  • Invalid S\L or T\P(2)
  • Prohibited by FIFO rule

How to Upgrade or Downgrade PowerTradeCopier

It is recommended to inform Customer Support if you want to update or downgrade PTC, and wait for a reply containing a link to an installer download. However PTC does include a built-in updating feature, described below

Updates do not download automatically. To get the update you should go to the "Settings" window and click "Update" button:

You will see the list of currently available versions there:

Please select the version that you wish to get and press the "Update" button. You should see following notification:

Next, close the PowerTradeCopier and start it up again. It will download the update and start up automatically.

Note: There is a possibility that the process will scramble the logins and/or passwords on slave accounts. Make sure you have these backed up, in case a re-entry will be necessary.

What do numbers in "Statist" column of slaves table mean?

These are three numbers:

  • 1) First number is the number of successfully copied orders during last session.
  • 2) Second number is the number of failed orders during last session.
  • 3) Third number is the total number of successfully copied orders.

Firs two numbers can be cleared by means of "Clear stat" button on the top.

Why are some of slave accounts highlighted in red color?

Slave account becomes highlighted in red color if some kind of error happens during transferring trading signals to this slave account. Details about the error(s) are in the "Log" tab This highlighting can be cleared by "Clear error" button on the left top of this tab.

How to get notifications about trading errors to e-mail?

There is a way to send notifications about trading errors to your mailbox. For this you have to check "To send an error message" flag in the "Settings" window and all after each error you'll receive the error message to the specified mailbox. Note: this function is only available for commercial licenses (not for demo and trial ones).

Trade Copier Software startup and preloader

In case of any crash software restarts itself automatically. Software is designed as module-based system which consists of two parts:

  • 1) Preloader PreloadCopyMT.exe (which starts up the main software module, guards its job and automatically restarts it in case of unexpected error). It also downloads the upgraded version of main module of software if necessary or if there is no main module installed at all, it downloads the latest one.
  • 2) Main software module PowerTradeCopier.exe (which actually does all the trading jobs)

The main module can not be started up separately without preloader. You can place the preloader to the Startup folder to start it up automatically.

Power Trade Copier Synchronization

By default, every time you start up PTC, it will display a small window asking if you want to synchronize:

When you click Start, the program does back into transaction history by the indicated number of hours and does the following:

  • 1.It tries to open missing orders on slave account (which are opened on master account).
  • 2.It tries to close orders that were closed on master but remain on slave.
  • 3.It does not close orders on slave that were opened not by PowerTradeCopier software.
  • 4.It changes nothing in orders that were already transferred to slave and remain opened on master.

You can also synchronise at any time by pressing the “Synh. all” button in the “Copier” tab, or sync a specific master account by right-clicking on it and selecting “synchronise”. A failed order can be repeated at a later time by means of  the synchronization function.

The “Settings” window provides three options for synchronization:

Uncheck the “Inquiry about synchronization” box for syncing to happen automatically on startup without asking for confirmation.

Check the “Synchronize profitable orders” box to limit syncing only to order that are profitable at the moment of syncing.

Check the last box to disable the sync at startup function altogether.

Description of the Most Common Errors

I get "It is impossible to use the basic password" message in "Status" column for my master account. How to connect this master?

Description: trade copier main password

It is necessary to use the investor (read only) password for master accounts. You just have to specify the investor password for this account instead of main (trading password). This is the security precautionary measure. We recommend to use the investor password in order to avoid possible security problems because the master password is sent over the Internet and for software optimization reasons it does not use the strong encryption algorithm that is used for encryption of slave passwords.

I don’t have the investor password for my master account. What should I do?

If you have the main (trading) password for your master account then you have enough permissions to change the investor password. In order to change the password please follow the below instruction.

1. Let's assume that you now have following account AlpariUS-Demo 1245146 and remember the master password ("r0fmari") but you have forget the current Investor password ("4chczyy"):

Description: mt4 open account

In order to change the investor password to "inv_pas" please do following:

1) Open the MT4 terminal and go to the Tools -> Options menu (Ctrl + O) and open the "Servers" tab in the window and press "Change" button

Description: mt4 change password

2) In the new "Change Password" window please select the "Change investor (read only) password" option and specify the following values:

  • Current password: [r0fmari] must be the master password
  • New password: [inv_pas] Confirm: [inv_pas]

Description: mt4 change password

and press "OK" button.

) You should see the following notification in MT4 Journal "'1245146': investor password changed":

Description: mt4 journal

4) Now you may specify the new investor password in the PowerTradeCopier. Please go to the "Master" tab of PowerTradeCopier and specify the new investor password ("inv_pas") for the master account in the "Main password" box:

Description: trade copier servers

5) Now please switch to the "Copier" tab of PowerTradeCopier and you should see the "Working" status of the master account.

Description: trade copier account stats

"Inadmissible mode" message (Copier mode)

Description: C:\Users\Віталій\Desktop\mt4 ptc\doc sources\images\inadmissible_mode.png

If you have seen this message this means that you are trying to start software on another computer from the one to which it is mapped. Each license of the software is bound to a single computer and in works on this computer only. After first start it will be mapped to the computer on which it is started. If you wish to transfer software to another computer you should ask us to clear previous mapping from your license and then you can start software on another computer (again it will be re-mapped to this computer after first start).

Inactive buttons "Add slave" and "Delete slave" (Provider mode)

If you see that buttons "Add slave" and "Delete slave" are inactive but you still need to add or delete slave then you have started program in slave mode (which does not allow this). Each license of the software is bound to a single computer and works in master mode on this computer only. Being started on any other computer it will work in slave mode (which is to be started on remote (your customer's) computer and allows only to specify password for slave accounts and copying parameters). If you wish to change computer on which program should work in master mode you should ask us to clear previous mapping from your license and then you can start software on another computer in master mode.

Knowledge Base


Slippage is the difference between estimated transaction costs and the amount actually paid. It is what happens between the time you place an order to buy or sell a currency and the time that your order is filled, i.e., the time that the transaction is completed. In most cases, in a fast-moving volatile market such as EUR/USD (Euros and US Dollars), from the time you place an order until the time it is filled the exchange rate will often change anywhere from $.0002 to $.0003 from the price you saw and wanted to get when you placed your order, even with the fastest automatic electronic ordering software.

Let's say you placed an order with your broker to buy Euros at $1.2825. If the market exchange rate is changing moderately fast when you place your order, your order might not get filled before the rate has changed to $1.2827. The difference between the two rates, in this case $.0002, is called the slippage on the trade and would, if you were trading regular lots, translate to a difference of $20.00; $.0015 slippage would translate to a difference of $150.00. This difference becomes more significant when you are copying order from one broker to another. If you watch the prices on two brokers you will see how they change.

Let's watch on EURUSD prices on Alpari US and Alpari UK brokers during 10 seconds:


Alpari US Alpari UK
00.000 1.33151 1.33165 1.33158 1.33166
00.600 1.33153 1.33161
01.333 1.33149 1.33160
01.533 1.33148 1.33162
03.733 1.33150 1.33160
05.000 1.33145 1.33160
05.133 1.33146 1.33153
05.800 1.33145 1.33153
06.000 1.33143 1.33158
08.533 1.33147 1.33161
08.933 1.33145 1.33160
09.067 1.33150 1.33159
09.933 1.33149 1.33159

During this time prices changed 7 times on Alpari UK (change happened each 1,5 seconds) and 5 times on Alpari US (change happened each 2 seconds). If we consider both brokers then 12 total changes happened which means that price changes more then once a second.

Now let's assume that we have master broker Alpari US and slave broker Alpari UK and we opened sell order on master Alpari US when price (BID) was 1.33151 there. During that time BID price on Alpari UK was 1.33158 which differs by 0.00007 from master, that is 7 pips. Calculated difference in pips is slippage for this case. In this situation PowerTradeCopier watches your slippage setting for this master-slave combination (it can be set in "Copying" tab) and if it is lower then calculated 7 pips, PowerTradeCopier opens order on slave on it's price (1.33158). Otherwise if you have set slippage in settings to let's say 5, PowerTradeCopier will not open order on slave and will write following error to your log:

Error/CREATE/166392345 SELL EURUSD 1.33151 0.00000 0.00000 0.20 17.12 20.35 /AlpariUK-Demo*2419123/Error copy for slippPage (7)1.33158

In this message you can see following information:
Error/CREATE/ - Error occurred while creating (opening order) on slave account
EURUSD – Source order price on master
1.33151 – Source order ticket on master
166392345 – Source order ticket on master
17.12 20.35 – Source order open time on master
0.00000 – Source order stop loss on master
0.00000 – Source order take profit on master
0.20 – Source order lot size on master
AlpariUK-Demo*2419123 – Slave server and account to which copying failed
Error copy for slippage – Reason of error
7 – Value of slippage between price on master and on slave
1.33158 – Current price on slave

Slippage is very common in trading Forex and in some cases can make a trading system that appears to be a winning system on paper, actually lose money. In order to avoid slippage error you can adjust slippage setting in "Copying" subtab of "Param master" tab but please note that you should keep balance between profitability and possibility to open order on slave at any price.

Note. How is slippage calculated in Program for master and slave with different capacity.
If the master has 5 digits and the slave has 4, then we use real values with common digits. For example it on 5-digit broker value is 1.33160 and on 4-digit it is 1.3315, we add trailing zero to 4-digit value and get 1.33150, then we calculate real diference which is 1.33160 - 1.33150 = 0.00010. Calculated real value is then translated to pips according to slave's capacity (i.e. for 4-digit slave this should be 1 pip, but for 5-digit slave same value should be 10 pips).




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