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  • -30% off, Free Bonus: Equity Manager*

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    *- Equity Manager

    Many traders have used regular Stop Loss or Take Profit. These days it is highly unlikely to meet a trader who hasn't heard about importance of using Stop Loss or Take Profit. SL can protect your account from being whipped out and TP helps to get as much as you aim for in volatile markets. We would like to take it further and show you how you can achieve more by using our new tool - Equity Stop. Here are a few reasons why Equity Stop can be a great addition to traders' toolbox.

    Multiple positions

    There are times when market makes unexpected moves that are not big enough to reach regular TP on every position; however, total equity on your account is high enough to close with a good profit. Set up Equity Profit and catch a few unexpected moves.

    EA trading

    If you use EA to trade on your account you always under the risk of EA malfunctioning. This risk is even greater during the time when we cannot watch it. The Equity Stop can put an extra level of protection even if you have thought about this situation and coded the stop into EA. Money Manager control

    It always better to have an extra layer of control when you trust your money someone to trade. Equity Stop can close positions based on the Equity depreciation and if used on VPS can shot down the whole platform to avoid more losing positions.

    How it works

    To start, you need to place the mq4 file into the folder "scripts" of you MetaTrader4. It works in the same way as your EA but in parallel and not interrupting each other. Any time you need to launch it you can just double click on the file in MT4-Navigator and set up the desired parameters. Please keep in mind that when you close the platform the script stops (in the same way like your EA). Any time you need to change anything just double click on the script in MT and set up new values. And when you need to stop the script just double click on it and click OK with 0 values. It works with any EA, manual trading and copied trades on Subaccount. It is very simple but very powerful.

    It's all included

    Your license includes software updates, technical support

    24x7 support

    Our staff of engineers works around the clock to fully maintain, manage, and support every aspect of your instance.

    30-day money back guarantee

    If you want to discontinue use PowerTradeCopier a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

    We do not provide money back, if you are alredy have 14-days trial




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